According to its constitution IEF is a non-profit organization. We charge for our training services only our actual costs without any additional surcharges. The fast and extraordinary developments in the field of information technology are the focus of training offered by the information technology center. Participants will be trained in the last.

The center is offering training choices as listed below in the subjects related to energy and environment towards sustainable development. The center is also engaged in preparing conferences and symposiums to take place in the coming months.

The importance of oil and gas as source of energy remains – in spite of all forecasts to the contrary – unchallenged with the tendency to increase to meet new demands. The objective of this center is to offer technical training in the fields of oil and gas, also including safety and environment protection, to improve the skills and performance of people working in this vital field who are facing international challenge.

The center offers training activities in engineering, preparation of feasibility studies, management, Project planning, project management, human resource planning, leadership, management of change and other topics required by engineers and technicians in order to improve their skills and performance.

Improving quality in the fields of energy and environment is an imperative requirement for all working in these sectors as they have to be bound by internationally recognized ISO norms

Experience today for expertise tomorrow

The International Energy Foundation is pleased to submit to you its training programme for 2014 for your kind attention and action. Our new career development programme was prepared by our academic experts utilizing the successful experience of IEF during the past 23 years and considering the needs of Libya in the fields of oil and gas, renewable energy, environment, Management, IT-Technology and general human resource development as well as in several complementing fields.

IEF is engaging national and international experts in its training activities with high-level academic background and long training experience. Our aim remains to combine professionalism of the lecturers and the up to date knowledge embodied in the training course

IEF has designed the career development programme to meet a wide range of requirements for different levels and backgrounds of trainees, who are keen to obtain knowledge within realistic time frames and affordable costs.

We would deeply appreciate that you go through our career development programme and let us know which workshops you are Interested to join. IEF Management team will be delighted to take care of your interest and demand


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